Over applied.

When trying to get accepted at a conference, especially an important one in your discipline, there is a tendency to over apply. That is, if you can speak twice, you apply for four slots in the hopes that at least one will be accepted. You want to speak and doubling your chances seems like a good idea.

I do not recommend this for a couple of reasons.

1. You don’t know that you aren’t going to get acceptances to more than you can speak at. You don’t want to have to turn people down and have them notice that you are there speaking. That’s a problem. You will gain a negative reputation.

2. If they all turn you down, it will hurt even worse.

What I recommend instead:

1. Pick the two you most want (or need, for the sake of your career) to do.

2. Look up sources for background on the topic you want to present.

3. Begin putting the paper together. Concentrate on the links to the information already out there.

4. Now create your abstract, citing relevant sources.

Personal experience:

Last year I applied for multiple slots at a conference. I didn’t realize there was a limit. I received a “no” and was relieved. I didn’t want them all accepted. Then I received three yeses. It wasn’t until the third yes that I learned you could only do one. I had to back out of two.

You do not want to have to do that.

Wish I always took my own advice.

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