Job Hunting Successful

Not mine, but Thomas Cranly’s.

After 16 first-round interviews and 10 campus visits over four years, last month I finally received an offer to be an assistant professor in Florida, the state where I received my Ph.D. and where I most hoped to work. Allow me to recapture some of the hilarity of the search process now that it’s behind me.

The thing that caught my attention was the title, “10th Time’s the Charm.” For some reason, I thought he was saying he’d been on the job market for ten years. Obviously that wasn’t it.

So then I started thinking, ten’s the magic number? (Okay, I know it’s not, but it was for him.) How many times have I had an on-campus interview? Seven.

Okay, I guess I have a bit farther to go before I get to ten.

And he got his book published as well. Maybe I should work harder on that.

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