Phone Interview: The Last

I am hoping this will be the last phone interview I have because I will be hired for this job. However, it is the last of the season anyway, because no more jobs have been listed.

I was asked:
Why do you want to teach at this school?
What experience do you have with diverse students?
How have you worked with diverse students?
What experience do you have with technology or online?
What negative repercussions of technology have you found? (They asked this twice. Someone doesn’t like tech.)
What does student success in the classroom look like?
How do you encourage student success?
What else do you want us to know?

Most of the questions they prefaced with “You’ve already talked about this a little, but…”

One thought on “Phone Interview: The Last”

  1. I did not get an on-campus interview with this school.

    It did, however, turn out to be my last phone interview because the SC skipped the phone interview for the job I was eventually hired for, since I had already had a phone interview with them last summer.

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