“Full-Time Adjuncts” is a Misapplied Term

In the email they sent out they called it “Most Adjuncts Like Working Off the Tenure Track.” The Chronicle has an article about full-timers who are not in the tenure track. They said they like their jobs.

Being non-tenure track does not make you an adjunct.

My alma mater has two non-tenure track lines which have been filled by the same people for twenty years. Their jobs are secure. They don’t have to go through the interview process every year. They also don’t have to publish and they don’t have to get their PhDs.

Non-tenure track does NOT equal adjunct.

A full-time adjunct is someone who teaches full-time hours for an hourly wage much lower than the regular faculty and does not get benefits. I am a full-time adjunct. Those guys are just non-tenure track full-time faculty.

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