First K’zoo Panel I Attended

I heard Keri X talk about the structural epithets of thanes. She talked about the structural terms used to describe thanes and how this links retainers to space. She had some interesting ideas. I particularly liked her discussion of The Seafarer and shelter kinsmen meaning the lord as a fortress.

Derek talked about the mind as an enclosure in “The Gifts of Men.” If I’ve read the poem, which I think I have, it’s been a long time. He made a lot more sense of the poem by comparing it to Genesis A and B.
In the mind an abstract space becomes tangible space into which to receive God’s gifts.
No one is denied a portion of God’s gift.
Gifts are determined by the dimension of the mind enclosure.
The giver of benefits is God.
The space where folks carry gifts and where God is wise are both the mind.
Having a hoard of gifts = being strong in mind.
No single person can be in possession of all the gifts. This would require that they have a mind that is puffed up (“big head”). It would lead to pride.

Looking at Genesis A he found that the devil failed as an angel because of over-mindedness (too many gifts).

I wonder if Genesis A is the source of the continued belief in Satan as a fallen angel, a theory that has little biblical evidence.

Alex covered rhetoric and rape in Pamphilus and the Roman de la Rose.
Pamphilus is a comedy in which a man rapes the woman he was courting. It is a source of Roman de la Rose. It doesn’t sound very funny to me.

Pamphilus was a source for Roman de la Rose.

I have a lot to say on this, but I think I need to write on it when I am less tired.

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  1. I used Derek’s idea in class today, but had already forgotten the point I meant to put in my notes from Keri.

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