CFP for Publication: Pedagogical Essay

If you need a paper published and have a good idea that could be translated into an essay for students (3500-6000 words), Parlor Press is fixing to put up a CFP for Writing Spaces, vol. 3.

The only thing I know they don’t want is invention, got a lot of that in vol. 1.

Suggestion: “specific genres or unique writing contexts” that first year students “might encounter, such as writing for the sciences, creative writing, writing reviews, writing for service learning, etc.”

Suggestion: “ways to improve writing technique, particularly style and/or voice, covering topics such as imitation, sentence combining, sentence extension, functional grammar, etc.” The focus should not be grammatical correctness or avoidance of error, but positive ways to improve sentences.

Proposals are due August 16, 2010.
Check out the book, Writing Spaces: Readings on Writings, for ideas and look at the chapters.

For more info look at the website or contact the editors, editors AT

Also, look at the book for possible use in your classroom. Your students can download the PDFs. You can attach them to your website. They can be printed out for use in school. It’s amazing.

NOTE: This CFP was written by me, from their handout, because they said they weren’t releasing the CFP until three weeks from now. So I was going to post this in three weeks. However, if you go to their website, the CFP is already there. So I’m publishing it now.

With an August 16 deadline, I need to get busy. I’m sure you do too. The Aug. 16 deadline is for the proposal, a 400-500 word abstract that “explains the focus and purpose of the essay and briefly outlines and explains the working structure of the piece.”

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