Blog Posts To Read

Since I’m at AP Reading, I haven’t had time to get to the reading I want to do online.

Here are some posts that looked like they might be good:
What Happened to the Teacher Bloggers? by Joanne Jacobs.

The Beauty Bias at Work and What Should Be Done About It. It’s an interesting idea, beauty bias. I studied it in grad school (in comm class, for research I was doing). It definitely exists. But there’s lots of bias I’m not willing to legislate. (Note: I haven’t read the post yet.)

A Portrait of Low-Income Young Adults in Education
This is particularly of interest to me because it has always been a focus of mine, due to my early childhood as a child of poverty. My roommate at AP has suggested I write a book on the topic. We shall see.

If you have time to read the posts before I do, feel free to come back here and comment.

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