CFP: Mervyn Peake and the Fantasy Tradition

In another CFP from UPenn’s website, the Mervyn Peake and the Fantasy Tradition: A Centenary Conference appears. It is next July and will be in the UK.

Proposals are invited for papers, presentations and panels on any aspect of Peake’s work. We especially welcome proposals relating Peake to the broader traditions of fairy tales, fantasy and children’s literature. Relevant topics might include:

* thematic explorations of Peake’s oeuvre
* textual / linguistic / rhetorical analyses
* issues of genre (e.g. in what sense is Peake’s work ‘fantasy’?)
* issues of race and/or gender and/or class in Peake’s oeuvre
* questions of ‘applicability’ (in Tolkien’s sense)
* the relation of image and text in narrative (both in Peake’s own books and in those he illustrated)
* adaptations of Peake’s work
* Peake’s literary precursors and sources, for example in (Gothic) fantasy, children’s literature and nonsense verse
* Peake’s influence (from Moorcock and Miéville to mannerpunk)
* creative responses to Peake’s work in both literature and the visual arts

The proposals are due January 14th.

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