CFP: Texas Medieval Association

I really enjoyed TEMA last year. There was lots of good medieval discussions, including things I had never heard of before.

The website has the CFP.

The 20th annual TEMA conference at SMU (Sept 24-26, 2010) will feature two distinct types of panels. In honor of our Texas heritage, we are calling the first type a “Roundup.” The Roundup will function like a workshop where presenters, lead by an organizer, examine the state of a particular question in specific areas of medieval studies [New views of medieval Spain; new work in gender studies; new thinking about memory in the Middle Ages, etc.] . Presenters should prepare a succinct thesis, spoken in no more than 5 minutes. These will be grouped to promote maximum interchange. These panels will give participants a chance to collaborate in a manner not typically associated with conference papers. Presenters should still submit abstracts to TEMA so that they can receive (if available) institutional funding.

The sessions will be more akin to traditional conference panels. Presenters should prepare formal papers of approximately 20 minutes duration for the panel. Papers are welcomed on all aspects of medieval history and culture, including medieval art, languages, literature, medievalism, music.

We will have two rounds of Roundups and two rounds of sessions, thus ensuring that those wishing to pursue either type of conference activity have sufficient opportunity to do so.

Early submissions are greatly welcomed, but please try to send in all session proposals and paper abstracts (150-300 words) no later than August 20 to Dr. Bonnie Wheeler –

I also got my sons two great t-shirts there. They were black with an orange line drawing of a dragon picking his teeth with a lance. In Latin it said, “Sometimes the dragon wins.” Good stuff.

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