Æ on the Mac and in MSWord

If you are looking for the Old English aesc or ash on the Macintosh, it is created by using both the Option and the apostrophe key.


Such a helpful letter in OE.

In Microsoft Word, ash is made by CTRL + SHIFT + & followed by A.

Have fun spelling encyclopædia the way I grew up with it!

Note: It is also how mediæval, archæology, and some other word I can’t remember right now used to be spelled–which is why I had a hard time with those growing up. I had seen them in older texts and did not know how to spell them in “modern” English. (At the time I did not know that was the issue.)

One thought on “Æ on the Mac and in MSWord”

  1. Thanks! I never thought to look for a key command for this. Oh, how many copy + pastes I did a few years ago for History of the English Language. And just a minute ago I Googled for “Ethelred,” not wanting to take the time to copy + paste Æ…

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