Speed Learning?

I was intrigued by the title How to Speed Up Your Learning Rate, by Scott H. Young.

One of the skills I have found incredibly useful in my own life is the ability to learn new things rapidly with excellent comprehension. I hear a lot of talk about how learning abilities and styles are predetermined and our learning rate is fixed. I think this is garbage. Certainly our genetic predispositions and childhood environments give us certain biases towards learning, but if there is anything I have found to be true is that our learning rate can be improved markedly through the use of simple methods to help process that information more quickly.

Okay, he caught my attention. What else is there?

His answer? Stories.

Stories, metaphors and analogies are a powerful way to facilitate your own rapid learning. By creating connections to something your brain already understands you can utilize its incredible power. If you are presented material in a way you can’t quite understand or remember, try using a story to help the material sink in. Use stories and metaphors and you can speed up your own learning rate.

He gives examples in the blog post, including elements wearing clothes… Can I find a picture of that? Nope.

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