CFP: Medieval Popular Culture

medieval_pca-jug-manThe Medieval Popular Culture section of the Popular Culture Association has a CFP.

The Medieval Popular Culture Area of the Popular Culture Association investigates two aspects of popular culture:

the popular culture of the Middle Ages, such as texts, manuscript transmission, legends and hagiography, medicine, charms, wall paintings, plays, material culture, oral traditions, folk remedies, runic and ogamic writings, music, monuments;


current popular culture uses of the medieval (AKA medievalism), such as medieval (and renaissance) faires, medieval-themed books and films (e.g. The Name of the Rose, The 13th Warrior, A Knight’s Tale, Lord of the Rings, Mists of Avalon, etc), created family crests, recreations/performances/interpretations of Medieval texts (e.g. mystery plays) and music (e.g. Benjamin Bagby, Sequentia, Garmarna, Anonymous4, or Blackmore’s Night). Connections between medieval and modern cultures are particularly welcome, as are pedagogical approaches for teaching medieval texts to modern audiences (with or without modern popular culture).


All scholars are welcome to submit abstracts to the annual national conference. Abstracts should be about 250-500 words; papers must keep to a reading time of 15 minutes (approximately 7-8 double spaced pages). Be sure to include your full name, affiliation, mailing address, phone number and email address, as well as whether you are willing to serve as chair for a panel.

Direct abstracts and questions to the Area Chair:

K. A. Laity
Department of English
College of Saint Rose
432 Western Avenue
Albany NY 12203

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