CCs: A Smarter Choice?

The smartest students don’t go to Harvard, MIT or Yale, writes Zac Bissonnette in Daily Finance. The smartest people go to community colleges.

What’s smarter than saving $100,000 and managing to get an education that is just as good, and perhaps even better, than you can get at many top universities?

Clearly, the student who lives at home and pays community college fees is spending many thousands of dollars less than the student who’s paying tuition, room and board at a four-year college.

Educational quality is the same.

From Community College Spotlight.

I wonder a couple of things, though.

Is the education at a community college the same as a student would receive at a four-year school? I think that depends, always, on the professors. I would have to say, though, that I doubt seriously that an education at Harvard or UPenn or California: Berkeley is the same level of education that a student at Local CC gets.

To some extent, the general education courses will be very similar. When non-majors are taking an introductory class there’s not a lot of difference, usually, in what those courses look like from school to school.

In the majors courses there may be some difference, but at a four-year college the students are getting two extra years of classes. Those should be difference.

What do you think about the relative quality of CCs? Obviously it’s a slam dunk on the cost.

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