A Love of Books

two-kids-reading-near-a-treeFor my mother, who gave me a love of books and reading, who brought books into our home and read them to me, who allowed me to collect them and encouraged my infatuation with them…

Even though you are gone, I wish you a blessed birthday.

One thought on “A Love of Books”

  1. My Mother, a junior high-school teacher during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, also gave me a love of books and reading.

    But she did something else. One Christmas, when I was roughly 8-12 years of age, he gave me a dictionary. At first, I questioned the “appropriateness” of a dictionary as a Christmas present. However, I eventually developed dictionary skills which, to this day, strike some as a bit overboard.

    I was also in a profession for thirty years which was document-intensive, and I required that all of my employees have dictionaries on their desks. Love those dictionaries.

    In a way, they are mini-encyclopedias.

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