Texas Online Development

This was in the school announcements today:


Full-time and adjunct faculty members now have access on demand at no
charge to online professional development modules in the areas of critical
thinking, foreign language teaching methods and reading comprehension with
the launch of TXprofdev.org. A fourth, area focusing on faculty development
for online teaching, will be fully available in early 2011.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board funded the TXprofdev.org
project through the Coordinating Board’s P-16 Division, which provides
support for forward-thinking and innovative performance programs for
college students and faculty innovation. The grant for development began in
February 2008 and will conclude in February 2011.

The modules consist of instruction examples, teaching tips, recommended
readings, current pedagogical scholarship, active learning teaching
strategies and classroom activities. They are designed to improve higher
education instruction, particularly for new faculty, faculty teaching
introductory level courses or faculty teaching online courses.

These open-source resources are available to any faculty member free of
charge through: http://txprofdev.org/

Read the complete news release from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating
Board found on the Center for TLE Web site at: http://www.hccs.edu/tle

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