How long did it take for me to get a job?

It took me a lot longer than I had hoped. In two and a half years I had:

32 job applications
6 phone interviews
9 on-campus interviews
1 job

I was NEVER interviewed at the campus where I had spent eight years teaching whatever courses were needed.

At one school I was told I was too old. I can’t fix that, though I did consider a facelift.

At one school I was told I had no presentations. So I got presentations. That wasn’t really what they wanted either. I did 18 in 18 months.

At another school I was told I had no publications. So I got a book, eleven articles, five reviews, and eight creative writing pieces accepted. That school hired me in the next round. (I felt like a draft pick!)

Teaching is no longer (if it ever was) the main criteria for hiring educators, even at schools where the primary function of the job is teaching.

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