Too Bad This Isn’t Due in June…

I have an article that would fit perfectly in this CFP, but it isn’t finished and won’t be till May probably. (Okay, I might could get it done by December, but not in three weeks.)

The Journal of South Texas English Studies is now welcoming submissions for its Fall 2010 issue, themed “Reworking the Classics: The Intersection of Popular Culture and English Studies.”

Some stories never seem to get old. In ancient times, stories were passed along verbally for hundreds of years, and when finally recorded, provided the grist for countless derivative tales. These, in their turn, have been updated and modernized often to suit the cultural tastes of a given time period. In the past two decades, we have seen many modernistic re-workings of classic tales in literature and film, ranging from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (The Odyssey) and Grendel (Beowulf), to Wicked (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and Clueless (Emma). Do these re-workings cheapen the originals, or add a new dimension to them? What is the relationship between ‘canonical’ literature and popular culture? What is it about the classics that inspires modern writers to revisit them and offer a new spin on an old story? In what ways can the study of these new retellings inform pedagogical approaches for teaching the classics?

Scholarly papers may include topics in English Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Literary Theory, and Pedagogy. While we will give serious consideration to papers that focus on exclusively film adaptations of classics, we would like to see papers that deal with a wider range of popular culture venues, and how these intersect and interact with traditional classic literature in English Studies. The journal also accepts a small number of poetry and creative prose submissions. Although all submissions will be considered, preference will be given to those creative submissions that are related to the theme of this issue.

Deadline for submissions is November 12, 2010. For additional information, including submission guidelines, please visit the journal’s website at
Don Crouse
University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas Southmost College

Visit the website at

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