Health/Illness Writing

I am thinking about applying some thoughts that came to me at last year’s ALA into a paper for this year’s Southwest Texas Popular Culture conference. I am not sure that I have time to work on this, but I want to do it.

Books to read:
The writing on the wall: women’s autobiography and the asylum By Mary Elene Wood

Captivity & sentiment: cultural exchange in American literature, 1682-1861 By Michelle Burnham

Reading autobiography: a guide for interpreting life narratives By Sidonie Smith, Julia Watson

Chronic illness: from experience to policy By S. Kay Toombs, David Barnard, Ronald A. Carson

Other Sources with notes from Google
” The City Is My Mother”: Narratives of Schizophrenia and Homelessness
AM Lovell – American Anthropologist, 1997 – Wiley Online Library
… Without the captivity of a closed institution, service workers can nevertheless ensure, through withholding … to shift our analysis from the purely symbolic dimensions of Rod’s narrative to the … Rod’s sudden dis- appearance and the impending mental breakdown that precedes it are …

Victim narratives and victim selves: False memory syndrome and the power of accounts
JE Davis – Social Problems, 2005 – Univ California Press
… Previous exchanges with a few additional families and some mental health professionals had convinced these … Reading like a captivity tale, it amplified the story the parents had begun to tell … In Gondolf’s narrative, the antagonist is a male therapist she contacted through a local …

Linking social structure and the exit process in religious organizations: Defectors, whistle-blowers, and apostates DG Bromley – Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 1998 – JSTOR
… movement sponsored identity transformation rituals typically fashioned their personal sagas as captivity narratives. The deprogramming/exit-counseling ritual, with its corresponding captivity tale, effectively restored … personal actions or to accept conferral of a mental-illness label. …

Female Captivity and the Deployment of Race in Three Early American Texts.
ML Woodard – Papers on Language & Literature, 1996 –
… her appearance and health as well.(16) On the boat, for example, her illness produces a … As with Marie Cardinal’s mental breakdown, the presence of the other in Wieland acts as … challenge the boundaries set up by the language and images in each of these captivity narratives. …

“I Had Left One America and Come Home to Another One”: First‐Person Accounts of Captivity During the Iranian Hostage Crisis
C Scott – The Journal of American Culture, 2004 – Wiley Online Library
… The hostages’ stories of their mental acuity and competitive spirit despite their physical confinement … Richard Queen, the hostage released in July 1980 because of illness, seemed to …as the wronged innocent” is an important component of the captivity narratives concerning Iran …

Other sources
Abducted by Faeries?

Gender Differences in Captivity Narratives: 1528-1886

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