MLA Special Initiatives

The MLA brochures for the special initiatives are now available.

Narrating Lives
mla-narrating-livesThe first special initiative is Narrating Lives.

One of the panels in this special initiative is panel 269, Teaching Lives: Our Work as Teacher-Scholars in Settings That Focus on Undergraduate Teaching. This panel is scheduled to take place from 12:00 noon till 1:15 p.m. on Friday, January 7, in Atrium II of the J. W. Marriott.

This is a roundtable presented by the Community College Humanities Association and organized by Dr. George Scheper, a faculty associate of Johns Hopkins University and the Coordinator of Humanities at the Community College of Baltimore County in Essex, Maryland.

The other participants are:

Geoffrey Bateman, Univ. of Denver;

Suanna H. Davis, Houston Baptist Univ/Houston Community College.;

Audrey A. Fisch, New Jersey City Univ.;

Rajender Kaur, William Paterson Univ.;

April Miller, Univ. of Northern Colorado;

Jeanne Scheper, Univ. of California, Irvine

Respondent: David A. Berry, Essex County Coll., NJ

hard-times-from-monkey-fister-dot-comThe Academy in Hard Times
The second MLA special initiative is The Academy in Hard Times. Two colleaguess and I have a panel in this section of the MLA, In Our Own Image: Remaking Academia in a Changing Economic Climate.

Position statements are available for this panel:
Dr. Debbie J. Williams of Abilene Christian University has a short post on her paper, Reinventing the Academic Self: When the Professional and the Personal Collide, available.
Dr. Susan G. Cotton of Lone Star College has a short post on her paper, Unexpected Benefits: Re-visioning an Academic Through Campus Involvement, available.
And Dr. Suanna H. Davis, previously of Houston Baptist University and now of Houston Community College: Central, has a short post on her paper, Avoiding Academic Rigor Mortis: From Teaching Zombie to Animated Scholar, available.
This panel, number 133, will be presenting on Thursday, January 6, at 5:15 in 406A of the LA Convention Center.

The Narrating Lives picture is a jing from the MLA brochure and the photograph is from

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