MLA: Professoriat on the Social Web

“Tweetup at the MLA” was the impetus for this. Broader culture… This is definitely an example of going public.

This is a live blogging of the session.

Can social media broaden the audience?
Hashtag is openprof.

Samuel Cohen, assoc prof at U of Missouri, After the End of History…
two textbooks with Bedford-St. Martin’s.
not a social media academic, not going to be addressing question as it is posed

My question: Can that help save the university from its crisis?
Answer: Not sure.
“It’s Business Time”
happy face on platefish_smile
It is 1994.
American anti-intellectualism has a long history.
Run government right? Like a business. Run university right? Like a business.
Okay, I totally agree with that negative experience. I would say that is a problem. Consumerism in education is a problem.
Humanities departments often do make money. Cheap behinds in seats.
STEM departments often do not make money. Spend too much in research for that.
Open the web to a wider audience?

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