MLA: Professoriat Social Public Intellectual

David Parry, UTexas Dallas
Twitter: AcademicDave

This is a live blogging of the session.

Can we broaden our audience?
Answer is obvious.
Social media creates serious opportunities.

Broad strokes about social media. Lots of the discourse is problematic.

One of my least favorite terms is “public intellectual.”
By what bizarre institution have we come to see intellectual as a private and the public intellectual outside the norm?

More Republican bashing. Not going to really reach an audience if you are bashing the audience you are trying to reach. 50% of the nation is part of that.

If we look at the culture and say it is anti-intellectual, we need to point to ourselves first.
Twenty people read the average journal article.
A majority is “intellectual masturbation.” (I don’t have a slide for that.)

Jay Rosen, follow on Twitter, 48,000 followers. Largest Twitter followers for academia. In some sense it is a seminar on journalism. Provides context. Maintains blog.

Aaron Bady (spelling corrected from the comment. Thanks, Aaron, grad student, who writes at Zunzungu.

MSM trivializes our work. Social media allows us to present our work ourselves.

Don’t forgo all our traditional, professional writing.
Hold ourselves accountable to the public.

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