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As I sit here at the blogging table for “The Open Professoriate: Public Intellectuals on the Social Web” I have met two bloggers (for the first time at the conference. Before I have been blogging alone.) One is Stacey Lee Donohue, who attended my second panel, and is talking tomorrow on CC jobs and job hunting. The second is Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed.

They both said they’ve read my blog. Odd.

I’ve quoted Scott several times. But as far as I know my first experience with Stacey is that she was tweeting my noon roundtable.

It’s so interesting to meet people in real life who read my blog.

One thought on “MLA: Bloggers Blogging the MLA”

  1. Dr. D,
    I’ve met a few bloggers at the MLA (this year, Roxie’s World, aka Marilee Lindemann, and you, and last year, Dr. Crazy, Sis at Academic Cog, Flavia, and others): it’s a fun experience, esp after reading a blogger for an extended period and getting to know the writer. I’ve only been reading your blog for a month or so, so I’m looking forward to continued reading.

    I’m a Tweeter rather than a blogger, and meeting all the twitter folks has also been a hoot.

    But tell me: why do you feel odd about it? Isn’t it almost, well exciting?

    Thanks for writing!


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