Critical Thinking Notes

I am working on a paper for my college on integrating critical thinking, for our Quality Enhancement Plan for SACS. At this stage it is just a proposal. However, I thought I would make note of some of the sources I thought were useful before I close them out.

Critical Thinking Rubric

an entire series of rubrics, because why should you reinvent the wheel?

QEP intro from Florida A&M U

There were several other good ones, but I cited those in my paper.

One thought on “Critical Thinking Notes”

  1. Ah, the FAMU QEP on critical thinking. I was there for some of that. While it was all wonderful in principle, it was a nightmare in terms of implementation, but that’s another story…

    PS I hate SACS and QEPs.

    But in all seriousness, thanks for sharing these links, because, really why reinvent the wheel (and why do the research when someone else did it for you!).

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