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I was asked to submit to my college a list of my experiences with technology. While some of the items on my list were truncated due to the length limitation, these are a representative sample of my new media involvement. This does not include non-academic use of technology (which would include texting, facebook, digital cameras, creation of videos, etc.).

2 publications on technology in the classroom
Incorporating Digital Literacy Into the Composition Classroom
“Bad Website Evaluations: A Way to Make Research More Fun.” Teaching English in the Two-Year College 38.3 (March 2011): 307-08.

2 publications using digital technology
original video poem published at NCTE’s website
e-journal publication with hyperlinks embedded in the text

4 conference presentations on technology in the classroom
“Ensuring Digital Literacy: Pedagogical Refinements to Existing Computer Activities.” Computers & Writing; May 2010.
“Ensuring Information Literacy and Sustainable Learning across Socioeconomic Backgrounds.” Computers and Writing; June 2009.
“The Pen and the Byte Offer Different Benefits.” State of the Profession. Conference of College Teachers of English; March 2009.
“Fostering Information Literacy and Sustainable Learning across Socioeconomic Backgrounds.” Computers and Writing Online Conference; February 2009.

creating and maintaining a professional blog, which, according to Google Analytics, in the last year had
63,206 visitors
75,118 visits
131,350 pageviews

creating a classroom blog, which, according to Google Analytics, in the last year has had
8,439 visitors
14,984 visits
36,167 pageviews

creating and maintaining Central’s English Department online, in-house journal
including choosing blogging software
updating the software on a regular basis
choosing a Theme
finding appropriate usable art either through Wikimedia Commons or through purchase from sites as and

creating an online course from scratch using Angel

using Blackboard as a supplement to my face-to-face classroom

creating and using online syllabi that include original videos, links, and graphics, such as:
Brit Lit II

taking online and hybrid professional development courses

teaching multiple courses in a computer classroom
19 business and professional writing courses
20 freshman composition courses
6 developmental writing courses
4 literature courses

attending two conferences on technology in the last two years

attending 20 panel sessions on technology at 5 conferences in the last 2 years , among them
Literature and/as New Media
Sites of Digital Composing in the English Curriculum
Open Professoriate on the Web
E-Books as Bibliographic Objects
Networked Composing
Tech and Freshman Comp
The Tyranny of Virtual Worlds
Bayeux Tapestry in Second Life
Digital Archives
Constructing Hybrid Courses
Digital Emergence of Authority
Breadcrumbs in Hypertext
Audience Online
Writing in the Era of Digital Reproduction
A Blogging Contradiction
Town Hall: Computers and Writing 2009
Digital Divide
Students’ Impression of Instructors’ Online Video

participating in a webinar

using online technology in and for my classroom:
YouTube videos related to coursework, such as

good and bad interview styles
entry point for the Old English laments
Beowulf performed as a scop would, in Old English, with caption translation
Beowulf read aloud, with bubble translations
cartoon on the stages of grief, for the health sciences freshman composition
situational awareness video

Twitter for telegraphic writing
email etiquette discussion with a required email
topic-related blogs, such as A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver for Health Science professionals
podcasts as resources for research, such as Internet Business Mastery.

online quizzes for freshman composition:
Myers-Briggs as a beginning point for the narrative paper
political quizzes as prewriting exercises during election cycles
online PowerPoints on art, British history
video of archaeological findings on Sutton Hoo treasure
virtual tour of Viking village
web-based readings as supplemental texts for composition and literature
online timelines for English 2322 and 1301
online art for English 1301 and 2322, Humanities 1301
online resources by other instructors, including:
Dr. Mom’s Guide to College
Dr. Wheeler’s study guide for Middle English plays
lesson plans
vocabulary lists

participation in #FYCchat on Twitter

I look at this list and think, “Wow, I do more with technology than I thought.” While I am significantly more invested with new media than most of my colleagues at any of the colleges I have worked at in the last ten years, there are many at other colleges who would laugh at my beginner list.

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  1. This is really impressive. I admire all that you’ve done, and realize I need to get going on building my own list. I don’t think I’ll ever catch up with you, though!

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