“True innovation requires an interdisciplinary approach. We now have to start looking at the convergence of disciplines, and we need to be able to find ways to fund programs across disciplines,” said Babiuk.

This quote from Social Science Research Should Be at the Core of Innovation made me think of the Humanities course I am teaching this semester. It also made me think of interdisciplinarity in English in general.

Somehow I made the cognitive leap to Digital Humanities, a cross between social science quantitative research and computers, between archivist and creator. (I am not opposed to quantitative research. In fact, I quite like quantitative research. My dissertation, scheduled to be published next year, was quantitative research.)

Digital humanities and quantitative research reminded me of Dr. Skallerup’s post on being a digital humanities outsider.

There has been an explosion in interest in the digital humanities. Say what you will about the decline in traditional print media, but it still stands to reason that when the old Grey Lady, the New York Times, features something, it means it has hit the mainstream. And so it would seem that the digital humanities have hit the big time, such as it is. (And yes, I do see the irony in this).

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