Electronic Literature Anthology

A free e-book for lit classes.

A new collection of “electronic literature” proves that the genre of interactive storytelling comes in an array forms and technological platforms. In fact, if you’re not sure what exactly electronic literature is, you still won’t know after clicking around on this Web site that mixes video, audio, and text into works that are not quite video games, not quite poetry, and nothing like a traditional novel.

Works in the anthology, Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two, include a poem that lets users trigger different sounds by clicking on various letters; a video game that lets players shoot pictures of words; and a satirical collaborative novel about a book tour that “takes on the excesses of a rock tour.”

Many colleges are looking at e-books for textbooks because of the exorbitant price of books these days. This might be a good work for a focused electronic classroom or a 20th/21st century literature course.

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