CCTE: Once and Future World of Textbook Publishing- eBooks

Angie Smajstrla, Digital Learning Consultant, McGraw-Hill Higher Education
in her doctoral study at Dallas Baptist
used Sony e-reader for PDF files
but need time to download the files
At work, been selling ebooks since 2000. More sold in 2010 than print books.

This is a live blogging of the session.

early online texts were PDFs. It is not really a revolution. It is more of an evolution.

In publishing,
46% of students have desktops
84% have laptops
62% have internet capable handheld sources
4% dedicated ebook reader
(“The Move to Wireless Networking in Higher Education,” Educause source)

2012 eTextbooks are expected to double.
eBook sales outnumbered print sales in 2010.
Shift is happening.

14.8 million iPads Apples sold since 2010.

War of the Devices

A lot of schools have done studies and tests (case studies) of devices in the classroom.
There have been some difficulty.
Note taking is a problem.
Citations and research are problems.
This is all she said. It’s not very deep of an introduction. It isn’t on her topic, so perhaps it was just an attempt to develop ethos with the audience of faculty.

Kno is a new device.
enTourage has two sides, color side and black and white side. has great resolution and can watch videos.
Need e-ink to rest your eyes. (Like on the Kindle, the Nook, the Sony e-Reader
More people reading on their phones.

eBook can do what a traditional text can not:
search… navigate with an integrated search engine
share… notes instantly with other eBook users! (VitalSource, Connect) collaboration

CourseSmart sample of books.
E-books from all the publishers.
55% less than traditional printed book.
Email that you got the book.

Electronic textbook library can get started.

VitalSource lets you read and/or download your e-textbook

Inkling for the iPad
More interactive work for the iPad functionality.

McGraw-Hill has a three-year contract with BlackBoard now.

Connect Composition examples include
Connect Composition Plus: Writing Matters (plus version means it has an ebook integrated within it)
Connect Reading
Connect Composition Generic

Peer review online now, too.

Links where you can go to different videos.

Review of E words for eBooks
efficient (searchable)
engaging (media-rich)

iPad has it too, she says. Something that will let the students record the lectures while taking them.

Research on the tech, Live Link, breaking it down.

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