CCTE Prize-Winning Panels

I attended several of the award winning panels. For CCTE, an award guarantees publication in the yearly journal, CCTE Studies. The awards are based both on the written papers and on the quality of the presentation.

Steven Michael won the British literature prize.

Cheryl Clements won the fiction/nonfiction creative writing prize.

Ronna Privett and Jana Anderson won the rhetoric prize for their paper on the Writing Carnival at LCU last October.

Mina Somerville-Thompson won the pedagogy prize for the literature section.

There were many other winners, including Brent Dill, a graduate student from Abilene Christian University. However, these were the panels that I attended which had panelists who won prizes.

If the blog posts intrigued you, I guarantee the papers are better. I would recommend reading them in CCTE Studies when it comes out in late summer/early fall.

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