Teaching Culture

Toorawa’s Chronicle post on “Tea, Shortbread, and 3 Things Worth Knowing” says:

I said to the students, “I should teach a class on everything Professor Toorawa thinks you should know but you don’t.”

[O]ver the summer, several students—some from class and some to whom I had recounted my experience—e-mailed me inquiring after the title and number of “that class.”

Then she tells how she began to teach “that class,” where each week she spends 30 minutes and introduces 3 things from culture that many people know about (or used to) but that not everyone does.

I’m assuming she did John Keats, his TB death, and his “Ode to a Nightingale.” I’m sure this would be a fabulous 30 minutes every week.

If she were on my campus, I would give her talk as homework for my humanities students. This is exactly the kind of thing that I hope they get out of our humanities class.

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