Medieval Tweets, Posts, and Other Related Materials

While the Roman era was pre-medieval, there were some tweets pointing to interesting Roman-related issues.

Early Roman site found in Gloucestershire

Roman Era gold coin found in India. Head of Nero.

Isn’t it amazing how far afield Romans (and/or their money) went?

Roman burial ground found on land in Maryport

Aldborough Roman Site

Medieval Excavations in Ireland, especially at Tralee:
Abstract of Rose M. Cleary’s scholarly article, “Excavation of an early medieval settlement and other sites at Dromthacker, Tralee, Co. Kerry”

Medievalists.Net article on the same topic: Excavation of an early medieval settlement and other sites at Dromthacker, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Early Medieval Ireland: Archaeological Excavations 1903-2004, a PDF

Viking Age Headcoverings from Dublin, vol. 6, by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett

The Kerry Museum

Database of Irish excavation reports

Index to Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society Journals

Medieval Festivals:
700 Images from Abbey Medieval Festival in Australia

James Robertson’s photos of the fair at Ft. Tryon Park, NY, USA and at Sands Point Preserve, NY, USA

A source for finding fairs

Canterbury Cathedral:
Canterbury Cathedral Library Reopens from the BBC

Main website for Canterbury Cathedral

World Heritage article

Medieval and Christianity:
The Pagn Influence on Christian Art in Ireland is from the Journal for Undergraduate Research. It’s well written and has nice illustrations. Going to send it on to a friend who is taking students to Europe next summer on Christian art study.

It was tweeted from, but the original site had all the pretty pictures, so I just linked to it.

Wisdom Literature in Early Ireland, this is the original paper. The publication of the same information.

Matters of Time: Manipulation of Memory in Early Irish Hagiography from At the original site, in a PDF without the pretty picture added.

Questionable Content:
1066 in an Hour, available at the app store.

However, I have a question. If it’s an hour, why does it say 21.37 for time?

The whole History in an Hour website. They have iPad apps.

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  1. Regarding 1066 in an hour, the 21.37 is just a time stamp as this image is supposed to represent what it looks like on a real i-phone. It is in no way related to content or how long it will take you to read it.

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