Encouragement Helps

According to this study by Princeton on “The Effects of Student Coaching in College,” students who are contacted regularly are more likely to stay in school.

Students who were randomly assigned to a coach were more likely to persist during the treatment period, and were more likely to be attending the university one year after the coaching had ended. Coaching also proved a more cost-effective method of achieving retention and completion gains when compared to previously studied interventions such as increased financial aid.

I don’t have $$$ for coaching, but I wonder if I took the time to email my students once a week if that would help them.

One thought on “Encouragement Helps”

  1. It will make a difference, but it takes a deft touch. I manage an online program and regular student contact in a personal way has helped a lot of students over the rough sports.

    That support is a complicated mix of not-too-much-like-Mom, not-too-much-like-a-pal, and not-reminders-about-assignments. Emailing will work but the emails need to be to each individual; don’t use a long To: or BCC: list. Most important, respond within a day, or before/after class, to anyone who replies. The first couple of weeks you may get one reply or two. Respond as thoughtfully as you would to an email from a non-student you cared about. Word will get around, and you’ll get more replies. Or more conversations. More engagement is what you’re looking for. Don’t work it to death -if it falls flat, it falls. If it works, you’ll be happy and it will be time well spent.

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