PCA: JKRowling as Mythmaker

Harry Potter and the Journey’s End: J. K. Rowling’s Use of the Monomyth in the
Harry Potter Series
Antoinette Winstead, Our Lady of the Lake University

This is a live blogging of the session.

Joseph Campbell Hero of a Thousand Faces

Hagrid as guide.

literally clashes into his life, brings greeting, takes him from the Dursleys
learns of his fame
on to Hogwarts, Gandolf equivalent Dumbledor, supernatural mentor/teacher
Dumbledor is considered by many as greatest wizard = threshold guardian
pushes Harry, prepares Harry for encounters with Voldemort
Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are also helpers.

Harry is ready to cross into the unknown, over the threshold into the alley.

long and perilous path of initiatory trials

each book presents a series that has multiple trials, each has one trial

Sorcerer’s Stone = call to adventure
first of those who will test him – > Snapes and Malfoy
reception of celebrity is one of his many trials, keeping him isolated

belly of the whale = crucial stage in the hero’s journey
must face himself, must abandon all, must be abandoned

Harry must let go of his mourning over Cedric. Accepts his role in Sirius’ death. (Really? I don’t remember that.)

ultimate adventure: Half-Blood Prince and last one

must confront his other self: one flesh, Voldemort doubled the bond between Harry and Tom Riddle, making them “fraternal twins”
connection = achilles’ heel

allowed to return to his life

heroic journey, returns to his people
Harry reunites the community. Effects reconciliation.

Relationship of time and living and dying.

Harry’s series shows how he can shed false identities.
Epic journey—seven years’

classic form of myth

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