PCA: Villains and Good Guys

Not Good at Being Bad: Comedic Villains, Love, and the Hierarchy of Evil
Shane Trayers,
Macon State College

This is a live blogging of the session.

People who believe life is out to get them, they are stressed and become evil. The idea that people are not responsible for their actions.

Not all films… but often in those used to teach self-esteem to children are often negative.

Is the person accepted and loved or rejected and become evil?

Megamind I would like to see this and watch it. It looks like it is fun.
Megamind versus Metroman.
When he believes he has killed Metroman, he has to create a new protagonist. Good to evil and back again. Megamind wears other identities. externalization. Cannot be himself and blame someone else.

Superhero he has been playing all these years is not really good and he can win the girl.

Stops blaming others and works within his own strengths. Roxanne chooses him over both good and evil, based on love.

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