PCA: Tech Comm General Question

What comes after facebook?

Blogs? Blogs old-fashioned in China.
People want to meet and chat.
FB leads to people wanting to meet and chat.
Blogs are not


return to something that has been lost?
article about ppt
ppt was killing confrences and presenations

Engineers started getting rid of ppts and sitting and talking

chat roulette might be next
like Skype, random pairing

interested in and reliant of technology, push us to the contradictions and the walls that they can’t get us over

twitter and fb are different sorties in this battle

fb allows me to take care of awkward relationships without having to meet in f2f if I don’t like it

Affordances of the various media, like Li talked about… People choosing whatever mode they want to do whatever they want to do.

Where and how is the money to be made?

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