PCA Tweets I Liked

I am not a big Twitter user. I don’t tweet near often enough, though I have begun tweeting more. I tried to tweet my posts from PCA because I thought that might get it out to a wider audience. Not sure that is happening, but it’s what I was thinking.

I enjoyed PCA tremendously. I think the tweets I’ve captured here through the wonderfulness of Jing (though perhaps I should have made my screen smaller when I captured, so they would be within my lines here) also serve to capture the flavor of PCA/ACA.

It was a lot of fun and I always enjoy the pop culture conferences. There wasn’t as much weird this year, but that could be because I spent a lot of time exhausted in my room. No parties or receptions for me. I also didn’t hang in the bar. Yeah, that would explain the lack of weirdness. It was there; we just didn’t intersect.

The above tweet mentions my friend’s presentation! I love that it got tweeted.

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