Tenure-track Move

I love the community college where I am. The chair is great; the secretary is wonderful; my colleagues range from polite to encouraging. My students need good teachers and I am one of those.

However, I have been offered a tenure-track move at my alma mater and I will be starting in the fall. It’s a 4/3, with springs (I think they’ve decided on spring) with a graduate class. I’ll be teaching a lot of freshman composition, but it’s a small liberal arts college, so that is to be expected. Plus, I like teaching writing, so freshman comp is good. I hope to teach some business writing, technical writing, and I want to put courses together on political rhetoric and scientific and technical rhetoric. We’ll see how long that takes me.

I’m looking forward to the move, though it’s across the state.

Thought I would let you, readers of TCE, know what is going on and why, despite the fact that I have a ft job in the CC world, I may be posting a lot less on topics that impinge directly on those faculty only. However, I figure I’ll keep reading in that area and post here sometimes.

Someday I’ll write about the weird job search experience that this tt job entailed.

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