How Do I Let My Books Go?

I don’t need to sell them. I am okay with giving them away, if I can decide to part with any. I know that if I have any to give, I can give them to the Friends of the Library (from which I purchased so many of them!).

The problem is I can’t seem to let them go.

I’ve read almost all of them. The only ones I haven’t read are classics and in pretty bindings. So forget getting rid of those. They’re to make the bookshelves look pretty!

The rest, yes, I’ve read the rest.

Last time I did a purge I decided to get rid of those books that I didn’t use in my teaching and, of course, within the year I was teaching those subjects and buying books again. Really, though, most of the things I used to go to books for there I now find on the net. All that interesting background info, you know?

So, why am I having a hard time letting go of my books? I have 14 bookshelves full (and another bookshelf full that I just brought home from the office).

I don’t read most of them regularly. Shoot! Some I haven’t read in ten years. But I do have a hard time letting them go.

Do any of you have words of wisdom for how to divide and conquer? I’m moving and I don’t want to have to a) pay someone to move these or b) move them myself. Although really, the moving them myself doesn’t sound so bad right this minute, when I am thinking about having to pare down. But then I’ll have to find 200+ boxes that will hold books well. Probably have to rent a UHaul to move them, too. And where do I put them while I am waiting to move them?

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