Anglo-Saxon Studies in Honor of Pat Conner

Anglo-Saxon Studies in Honor of Pat Conner
Sponsor: Sources of Anglo-Saxon Culture
Organizer: Thomas N. Hall, Univ. of Notre Dame Presider: Thomas N. Hall

Metrical Fingerprinting and Conner’s Exeter Booklet Theory
Thomas A. Bredehoft, West Virginia Univ.

The Riming Poem as the Key to the Exeter Book
Susan E. Deskis, Northern Illinois Univ.

The Wanderer in His Hall and the Traditions of Peace Homage: The Wanderer Lines 34–50
Thomas D. Hill, Cornell Univ.

This is a very full session. Probably the most full that I have seen at one of these things. I realize that my computer makes a shield between me and others I don’t know here, so I am not meeting people. I probably need to change that. But I don’t want to. Going to sessions is fun. Meeting and greeting is work. I’m ready for some fun.

Introduction to Pat Conner: This is a man who, beyond Exeter and the chronicle and the Rothwell Cross, this is the man who brought Anglo-Saxon studies into the digital age. Architect of the very first electronic Beowulf. The real reason why we’re here, is Pat Conner is a swell guy. He makes it a pleasure to work in this field.

There’s a “Pat Conner” action figure. (Head pasted on.)

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