OE Poetry

In live blogging this conference, I am following the conventions for conference blogging.

Old English Poetry
Presider: Hans Sauer, Ludwig-Maximiliams-Univ. München

“Betre him wære þæt he broþer ahte”: Brotherhood in Old English Poetry
Michael R. Kightley, Univ. of Alabama–Birmingham

Torn Testimony: Speaking and Dwelling in the Old English “Book” Riddles
Anthony Adams, Brown Univ.
Ill and will not be here.

Reading Gender in The Wife’s Lament and Fantasies of Feminine Mourning in Anglo-Saxon Literature
Melissa Putman Sprenkle, Whitworth Univ.
Has not appeared. Showed up late. Will be here after all.

A Mind of Winter: A Comparative Approach to Wisdom in The Wanderer
Jason Lotz, Purdue Univ. Winner of the Thomas Ohlgren Award for Best Graduate Student Essay in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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