Blogs in Tenure Application

ProfHacker talks about blogging in the tenure application documents.

I want to highlight that I did not present my blog as a piece of scholarship. I considered it to be a part of my professional development, meaning it played a vital role in the creation of my scholarship even though it was not scholarship itself. Also, in my teaching philosophy, I described my use of emerging technologies in my classes and the university teaching award I received for this work. In the section on service, I listed a few workshops I gave at my university on blogging as a personal and pedagogical tool. In other words, I mentioned my blog in each major section of my tenure application, showing how it contributed positively to my teaching, scholarship, and service. This may not work for everyone at every institution, but this did work for me at mine.

Very interesting and a positive approach to integrating blogging into the tenure application documentation.

I think that such an approach would work at my new uni, if I take the same sort of approach that Highberg took.

Has anyone else ever used their blog in a tenure application or tenure review packet?

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