Notes and Quotes on Rhetoric

I found some quotes and notes on rhetoric that I thought might engender some discussion for a rhetoric class. They were found at

Capella: (c. 420)
the lady rhetoric endowed with many beautiful adornments and powerful weapons

Cassiodorus: (c.490-583)
Includes letter writing rhetoric as indispensable to the study of the Bible and necessary for civil affairs of state.

A principle force FOR rhetoric in this period was the use of the “lectio” as a teaching and preaching method. The lectio reminds us of the conversia (declamatio) in Rome: a passage was read (almost as though it were a sample case question). It was then discussed with regard to its proper translation, interpretation, and application. Numerous arguments were put forward in defense of the “right” position and, especially, against the current “heresy.” This lecture form developed into the “disputatio,” a public discussion along the same lines.

Medieval philosophy has a rhetorical structure; although middle agers would vehemently deny it.

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