Creating and Re-creating Classes

Reassigned Time wrote about revising a class from last year, including difficulties and challenges. I am particularly interested as it was a grad class and I will be teaching one of those in the spring for the first time.

This part I thought was particularly appropriate for my thought process:

I suspect that some people might say that these students shouldn’t be in an M.A. program. I suspect that some people might say that my “hand-holding” does them a disservice. Here’s the thing that I’d say to both of those potential criticisms: I’m trying to respond to the reality of my teaching situation in the most ethical and effective way that I can imagine. Now, I could ignore that reality, and say that I should run my seminar just how I experienced seminars in my graduate programs, and that would make a certain point, but I wouldn’t likely get work of the quality that my grad instructors got. I also wouldn’t likely be doing my students any favors in teaching them (most of whom are first gen college students, let alone grad students) the level of expectation for graduate study (and by the time they finish our program a fair few do decide they want to go on for terminal degrees). I hope that what I’m doing is giving them some tools to be more independent as they move forward in the program. And I hope that what I’m doing is to ensure that I get work to evaluate that really is of the quality that I think graduate work should be. I don’t know that my choices are the only ones or the “right” ones, but they are what I’ve come up with.

You will need to go read the post to see what else is going on there.

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  1. I really enjoyed Reassigned Time’s full post. RT’s idea of clearly articulated “checkpoints” in the class is really an excellent idea, and not just for Grad classes.

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