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Tschannen-Moran describes five components called the “Facets of Trust”: benevolence, honesty, openness, reliability, and competence. I agree with these components, and they hit home with me regarding how I want to earn or continue to earn trust in my classroom. Benevolence comes from genuinely caring about our students. This is something that is vital to not lose sight of. Remember why you beame a teacher; think about your professors who mentored and inspired you. Honesty is a component of a healthy relationship; this is something I struggle with. I don’t lie to my students, but is is often difficult for me to be brutally honst – sometimes I want to be too nice and couch honesty only in constructive criticism. This is something I am working on! Openness is another facet that does not come easily to me – I am, by nature, a very private person. I make it clear that my students can come to me with their issues, however, but I am guarded about sharing too many personal details of my life. Reliability and compentence are two areas I would rate myself with high marks on a self-evaluation. I am punctual, organized, and studious in my classroom; I work hard to remain educated and aware of current research and content knowledge. These qualities are often noted on my student evaluations, which is rewarding.

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This must be the topic of the day, since I have notes all over my paper and my iPad on this topic from orientation.

Why were you attracted to the field you are in?
What did I love about the teachers and classes I enjoyed the most (remember the best)?
What did I pay attention to?
Who am I as a teacher?
Who do I want to be?
What I wish I had known as a freshman…

I picked English because
1. I love to read
2. I love to write
3. Every educated person needs to know how to write well.

I picked English because
I did English well and my teachers encouraged me in English.
Not math. I did poorly, even when my teachers encouraged me.
Not science. I did well, but was discouraged. My high school teachers picked on me for the way I studied for their classes. (I made As, but the classes were too easy, so I didn’t study a lot.) My college teachers neither encouraged nor discouraged me. They just basically ignored me.
Not PE. I did poorly and my teachers did not spend time with me.
Not foreign languages. I did well, but I was not encouraged.
Not history. I did well. Some of my teachers encouraged me. BUT I did not think that I could encourage my students to love history nor did I think I could explain to them why they should.

What did I love?
personal stories from the teachers
praise from the teachers
challenging coursework that I could accomplish (not something I could not)
This is a problem for me. I am great with personal stories. I think that I do well with the appropriate level of challenge on coursework. However, I have not previously been very good about praising. I am working on this.

I also think this relates to the “explain your credentials” post.

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