Getting Students Into the Office

I have read (citation needed) that students who are in their professors’ offices are likely to do better in their classes. So I decided to require my freshmen to show up in my office this week.

Also having students come in to your office increases credibility. Since that can be an issue on campus, apparently, it helps me to have them come in.

It does, apparently, matter how messy your office is. Hmm. Maybe I should have put the extra chair together before I had the students in.

Unfortunately for my students (and their grades) I don’t have office hours on Friday. 75%, at least, had not been in nor had they contacted me. I agreed to come in this morning for three hours. I had students in line from 7:30 till 10. I will count off for my having to come in, since they did not make other arrangements, but they won’t have a zero on a quiz grade.

They’ve all been in my office now. Hopefully that means when they need help, the office won’t seem so scary.

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