Going to a Conference? Good Ideas for Grad Students and Other Newbies

If you are going to a conference for the first time and you are presenting at that conference, it can be nerve wracking or embarrassing because you don’t know what you are doing. Here are some posts which can help make sure you are prepared:

Update: Tufts has a fun and funny post on conferences for graduate students.

An earlier post that includes links to sites describing types of conference presentations, abstracts, what to do once you are at a conference, how to present, and how to keep up with the tons of conferences (and CFPs [Calls for Papers]) out there.

Conference Prep Suggestions

Conference Preparation

Two Points for Presenters, written in frustration while at a conference

How To for Conferences, the guide from TEMA

Good Information on Conferences for Newbies

Reading a Paper

What to Wear, or Why Not Tennis Shoes

Make Sure You Joined YOUR Conference Organization

Conference Attendance for Introverts

Planning Conference Attendance

Reading a Paper
Should You READ a Paper?

A List of Writing Conferences

Do you need business cards?

Thoughts on MLA

If you have submitted to CCTE:
Why You Should Attend CCTE
CCTE Prize-Winning Panels, which will show you the notes of sessions I attended that won prizes. You can also Search TCE for “CCTE” and find the notes from other panels I attended.
Notes from other conferences (MLA, SWCCL, K’zoo, ALA, C&W or Computers & Writing, Hemingway Conference) can be found by searching for those.

Examples of abstracts:
MLA 2012
MLA 2011
Entire panel proposal for MLA

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