Jointly-Authored Research

Times Higher Education has an intriguing post:

Despite exhortations to academics to collaborate, jointly authored research still draws some suspicion. Co-authors Janet Beer and Avril Horner are adamant that, with the right chemistry, such efforts can repay huge professional and personal benefits.

The article presents a typical news article for higher education, with a narrative/story that draws me (as an educator) in.

I have not done joint research and, unless the opportunity to work on an edited book comes up, I don’t actually have any desire to. (Note: I would not really have thought that working on an edited book would be a great way to do joint authoring until I read this article.)

Despite that, I found the article intriguing, not so much for the idea (common in many fields and I am well aware of that) or the backlash (I would have expected that.), but for the changes throughout the article. It starts as a typical news article and then moves into a section with single-sentence paragraphs on the job of one of the joint authors. Then it presents them writing on each other.

I just think the multi-phasic presentation is interesting.

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