Blogging Conventions… Thinking through reasonable notes

Creative Writing issues:
If notes become too extensive, then it may put their publication in jeopardy.
Need to be careful with quoting. Perhaps only two or three quotes. Can still write out the storyline for a story…

Pedagogical ideas:
Is there a problem with exact quoting here?

Issues with others scooping ideas:
This is an issue, potentially, but can have the same problem with those who come to the conference.
However, there is also more dispersion with blogging. So the likelihood of this happening is stronger.

If the presenter doesn’t like your blogging:
Collegiality would say don’t do it. And really, do I want to blog someone and get their name out there if they are opposed to that?

Still, what will I do with my notes? Post them on the blog, put private?

When I am really grumpy I think of putting the info up without their names on it. Probably not a good idea.

How to be a responsible blogger:
That is the question.

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