Outside the Field: What Can EMS Offer English?

I have been in a situation where new information and new ideas are becoming more highly valued. One of the older books on creativity which I have and occasionally re-read says that we should get out of our fields; we should look in other people’s fields for answers that you can use in your situation.

So, in an attempt to do that, I am listening to an EMSEduCast podcast. Using technology in the classroom is part of what is covered in EMSEducast Episode 120. They talked about tech used to continue classes, even during snow days, and how webcasting can be helpful for teaching folks who can’t come to a classroom.

Technology included:
Smartboard- Bridget, webcasting tool
–slide on Blackboard screen and could draw on iPad and have it show up on screen
–do surveys

Tips for new educators:

Feel comfortable in front of an audience speaking. So practice teaching in other situations.

Make sure the students are DOING more than they are listening.

Make the stories are relevant, realistic, and personal. Tell stories that show how you have had to deal with whatever you are speaking about. (Thinking about that for my class: How have I had to write evaluation papers? When have I had to do analysis? When did a presentation via technology make a difference for me?)

Don’t tell stories that are only semi-related.

Make sure that you understand your technology and use it properly.

Preparatory time is very important. Make sure you are hitting the most important points. Don’t necessarily tell them everything, but make sure you have strong points.

Add a visual component to your classes. Bring props. Use them.

See if the new concept can be related to a previously discussed concept.

Break students into small groups to do scenarios. Then come back as a group and de-brief the scenarios.

It was an interesting listen. I may add it to my regular review.

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