Students Develop Ideas with a Game

From comments on Siobhan Curious’ Classroom as Microcosm blog’s post How Do Games Help Us Learn?

Ty discusses playing games with teachers. One that was successful was Two Truths and a Lie.

We also played Two Truths and a Lie (each person offers two true and one untrue statements about themselves and the others attempt to guess which is which). Aside from helping us know one another better, we latched on to an idea for using the game with students. If we take a concept being explored in class, small groups (3 people) would have to develop statements about the idea. In math, it was a kind of graph or number property. Social studies and science suggested phenomena and societal dynamics. Story elements and writer biographies were ideas for language arts/reading.

Siobhan herself said:

I love Two Truths and a Lie – I have them work together in groups and use it as a practice for oral presentations. In groups of four, three people must make true statements about themselves and one must lie, and the class must try to guess who the liar is. It’s always interesting to find out which of my students are good liars!

So, this also can be used to help break through the fear of public speaking.

Disclaimer: I like this game because I can always come up with a more outrageous truth than most people will believe.

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