CFP: Rhetoric and Mass Media

Call for Papers for Edited Volume, July 15th Deadline,
Exploring the Intersections of Rhetoric and Mass Media Discourse
full name / name of organization:
Dr. Marianne Mason, Georgia State University
contact email:
With the purpose of evaluating, exploring, and focusing on the role of media discourse in evoking social, cultural, and/or ideological viewpoints, we are creating an edited volume that explores the intersections of rhetoric and mass media discourse. We invite contributors who are doing research on media discourse to participate in this volume. Papers dealing with the analysis of either theoretical or practical-applications based rhetoric and linguistics in a wide-range of media discourses (e.g., the press, television discourse, internet discourse, radio discourse, etc.,) are welcome. Some possible topics include:

1. Rhetorical Features of Politics-based Articles in Newspapers in the United States and Abroad
2. The Use of Rhetorical Devices, such as Humor, Figurative Language, or other Forms of Implied Meaning in Mass Media
3. The History of Media Discourse
4. The Stylistics of News Reporting
5. Propagandist Rhetoric in Journalism
6. Style and Register in Internet Discourse
7. Rhetorical and Discursive Devices in the Reporting of Campaigns and Political Speeches/Debates
8. The Use of Figurative Language in the Media
9. Stylistic and Pragmatic Devices in the Reporting of Conflict (e.g., war, protests, international conflicts, etc.)
10. Language Use in the Representation of a Political or Economic Crisis
11. The Rhetoric and Linguistics of Political Blogs and Social Media
12. Stylistic and Discursive Choices in the Reporting of Crime and Violence
13. The Reporting of Medical/Health Campaigns and News
14. Language Use and Ideology in Mass Media
15. Gender-sensitive Discourse in the Media
16. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Interviews and/or News Reports
17. The Role of Rhetorical Devices in Social Media to Mobilize and Organize Groups and Political/Social Agendas

The language of the proposed publication is English. Submissions should be typed in double space using MS Word. Submissions should range between 5500 and 8000 words and be sent no later than July 15th as an email attachment to:

The subject line should read ‘Submission to Rhetoric and Mass Media Discourse Edited Volume’.

Each paper should contain a cover page (included in the email attachment containing the document) with the following information: title of paper, name(s) of the author(s), affiliation, contact address (postal and email) and telephone number.

Every paper submitted will be assessed and authors will be contacted through their email addresses by August 30th.

For more information please contact the editors:

Dr. Marianne Mason
Modern and Classical Languages Department
Georgia State University

Dr. Jason Mosser
Associate Professor, English
School of Liberal Arts
Georgia Gwinnett College

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